300 WSM. 300 Winchester Short Magnum

300 WSM. 300 Winchester Short Magnum

The .300 WSM was the first of Winchesters short magnum family, released in 2001. Remington released their 7mm and .300 short action ultra magnums in the same year and a year later, Winchester released the 7mm and .270 WSM cartridges. Inspired by wildcat experiments, the Dakota cartridges and especially the John Lazzeroni cartridges of the late 1990’s, the WSM family of cartridges are loosely based on the .hsm 300 winchester short magnu 404 JMaybe we can clear some confusion if we take a hard look at the old 300 Winchester Magnum and the newer 300 Winchester Short Magnum to gain a clearer understanding of what they do. First, both of these powerful magnum rounds exist for the extra reach and punch many shooters demand. North America and Africa harbor good to excellent numbers of large, tough, antlered or horned animals.300 WSM. 300 Winchester Short Magnum

You can pack the .300 Win Mag with large amounts of powder giving it a huge advantage in velocity. Additionally, the cartridge can also take a variety of bullet weights. Most weights are within the 150-200 grain range despite the variety of lighter and heavier rounds available300 WSM. 300 Winchester Short Magnum.

This round is popular for long-range shooters, including big game hunters and competitive shooters. In addition, snipers in special forces and military circles also use this cartridge. That said, the majority of its use is in the hunting world. Now, it’s all about matching the ammo style with the hunting situation when it comes to effectivenessederal 300wsm180lfa power-shok.

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