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The 9mm is the single most popular handgun cartridge in the world.9MM ammo online There are many reasons to love the 9mm round, but the most common are price, availability, accuracy, useability, capacity, and concealability. It’s a workhorse caliber that fits any budget or taste — it’s quite literally the caliber for anyone. From first-time shooters to the FBI, from U.S. military special operations to soccer moms who conceal carry, it’s as utilitarian of a round and caliber as any could possibly be.9mm ammo online

Originally created in 1901 by George Luger and introduced to the public in 1902, it grew in popularity based on its performance. One of the main attributes that contributed to the success of 9mm ammo, other than accuracy, is that it can hold tremendous capacity in magazines. Other guns and rounds of the time, such as the 1911 and .38 Special, were hampered by capacity and lack of performance. The 9mm cartridge allows a large magazine to fit into a small gun while still supporting performance that outshines competitors. As time went on and the round was forced to compete with other calibers, it became the standard-bearer. The popularity of models such as the Glock 19 created a boom in both striker-fired polymer pistols and the use of the 9mm round,can you buy 9mm ammo online

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