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The .357 Magnum, a Historical Collaboration

Somewhere between mid and late 1930’s Elmer Keith began loading the .38 special to higher pressure levels in response to the development of new .38-caliber revolvers being built on .44-calliber frames. 357 MAGNUM HANGUNS ONLINE As Smith & Wesson desired to regain their top spot for law enforcement firearms, Colonel D.B. Wesson collaborated with Phillip B. Sharpe, a member of the Technical Division Staff of the National Rifle Association, on a new round built off the Smith & Wesson .38 special. The new round was almost identical but had more pressure for increased velocity, and a slightly elongated casing so the magnum-power found could not be loaded into revolvers unable to handle the increased pressure levels.

357 magnum

The choice of bullet for the .357 Magnum cartridges varied during its development. During the development at Smith & Wesson, the original Keith bullet was modified, to the Sharpe bullet, which itself was based upon the Keith bullet, but which had 5/6 of the bearing surface of the Keith bullet, Keith bullets typically being made oversized and sized down. Winchester, however, upon experimenting further during the cartridge development, modified the Sharpe bullet shape slightly while keeping the Sharpe contour of the bullet.

Stopping Power and Precision

Regarded as a self-defense round with one-shot stopping power, the .357 Magnum is a fine weapon for close-range game hunting and can even take down a deer with the right load and marksmanship abilities. The .375 even has more stopping power at 100 yards than its predecessor does at the tip of the muzzle with less recoil, noise muzzle flash and a cheaper cost. Plus, the versatility of the cartridge makes it a formidable choice for self-defense, target shooting, hunting and more.

357 magnum pistol

The .375 Magnum later took on a “dual use” role as it was commonly being fired through the short, light lever-action rifles of the American Old West. In the 1930’s, the round became very popular among police organizations because of its ability to penetrate car doors and protective vests, commonly used as protection by bootleggers. As a weapon of the law, the .357 has since been replaced by the semi-automatic pistols of today, but still remains a popular backup gun and defense weapon.

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