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357 SIG Ammo History

buy 357 SIG online Designed in 1994 the .357 SIG cartridge is used by many law enforcement agencies for its stopping power as well as its accuracy. With the exception of some special competition rifle ammunition, the 357 SIG is the only commercially available modern bottleneck handgun cartridge to succeed in the market since the early 1960s. buy 357 SIG online. It was created in order to replicate the performance of a 357 Magnum cartridge while also being able to be used with a semi-automatic pistol. This ability means that it offers higher ammunition capacity. This makes the 357 SIG cartridge a valuable asset for pistol users the world over. 357 sig ammo buy

Since its introduction, 357 SIG ammo has become the round of choice for several national and state law enforcement organizations, including the United States Secret Service and Federal Air Marshals, who often use 357 SIG ammo in a SIG Sauer

Stock up on .357 SIG Ammo for your hunting and self-defense needs. This handgun ammunition was designed to replicate the performance of .357 Magnum rounds in a semi-automatic cartridge, and it is a popular choice for law enforcement professionals. One benefit that draws shooters to 357 SIG ammo is that it packs a serious punch but has less recoil than 357 Magnum rounds so that you get ample stopping power with manageable recoil.

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